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7 Nights 8 days Takayama Festival | Hidden Village - Cherry Blossom Seasonal Tour
Day 1
Welcome to Japan! We will have transportation services to take you to your hotel. Please refer to your tour handbook for more information.

Rest at the hotel and be ready to start your exciting tour tomorrow.


From Narita Airport to downtown hotel in Tokyo - about 90 mins(Bus)

From Haneda Airport to downtown hotel in Tokyo - about 30 mins(Bus)

Day 2
Today, your Takayama Festival tour will be devoted to exploring the multi-cultural spots of Tokyo. Our cherry blossom tour begins in Tokyo's Koto-ward to explore visit the inconspicuous Fukagawa Fudo Temple. Unlike other temples in Tokyo, Fukagawa Fudo hosts daily fire-burning rituals which your tour group plans to join. Refresh your mind and spirit while the thunderous sounds of taiko drums and the burning of the goma-taki revitalizes your soul. The temple grounds is also home to a few can't miss attractions, including a massive collection of crystal figures and a mystifying tribute to Shikoku's 88 Temple Pilgrimage. From there, it's off to the Tsukiji Fish Market, former home of the world-famous tuna auction. Browse through the freshest flavors, mouth-watering dishes, and incredible sushi meals at this market that serves over thousands of businesses and local families daily as your cherry blossom Japan tour explores the wonderful sights and attractions of Tokyo!

From there, your tour group will delve into the old town district of Asakusa for some traditional Japanese souvenir and gift shopping at the Nakamise area. Your Japan tour will also travel through the majestic Sensoji Temple, one of Tokyo's most popular temples. This is the perfect place to appreciate Japanese culture and take some spectacular shots of the famous shopping district. Enjoy Japanese arts and traditional snacks with your tour group through this can't miss Tokyo temple. For lunch, we will enjoy a delicious, authentic Teppan-Yaki meal before we head to Harajuku to do some shopping and to admire the unique Japanese scenery. Enjoy shopping in the trendy district home to the world-renowned Harajuku Fashion and Japanese street fashion style. Be sure to visit one of Harajuku's local restaurants and sample Harajuku Crepes or other extra kawaii Tokyo treats in the lively Takeshita Dori. The decadent Omotesando is also nearby, home to incredible Japanese cafes and luxury shopping!

Returning to our hotel, the tour bus will be passing by the famous Shibuya Crosswalk to be part of the thousands who cross daily. This crosswalk gathers as much foot traffic as New York City, and crossing is an experience unlike any other. While here, our Tokyo cherry blossom tour will also visit pay the Hachiko Statue a visit. The statue is based on the internationally-known story of Hachiko, the dog who would come back to the station every day to see his owner. This Tokyo spot is a popular meet-up area for couples and friends when visiting Shibuya Station. Anime fans have probably seen this famous statue and crosswalk in some of their favorite anime & manga works like Persona5 or Tokyo Ghoul. After making our way through the crossing with your tour guide, we will then return to the hotel.

(note: Cherry Blossoms may not be in bloom during your tour)
Breakfast Lunch
Day 3
After our time in Tokyo, our Takayama Festival tour will stop by Lake Kawaguchi for some sight-seeing before making our way to our hotel. We will first head off to enjoy the fine works of art at the Kubota Art Museum. Itchiku Kubota was a textile artist who devoted his life to recreating the forgotten 15th century Tsujigahana fabric dyeing technique. Many of his work is on display at this museum. Before making our way to the next destination, we will stop for Hoto, a Japanese noodle dish native to the Yamanashi area. A hybrid of miso soup and flat udon noodles, this dish is truly a local Japanese specialty.

After lunch, your Takayama Festival tour is off to the imposing Matsumoto Castle nestled in the Northern Alps of Japan. As one of the few remaining original Japanese castles intact since construction, the castle's 5-story, 6-layer tower built int he Bunroku Period (1593-1594) is Japan's oldest existing castle tower and is designated as a national treasure. Remaining unscathed over centuries, Matsumoto Castle, or Karasu-jo (Crow Castle), is one of the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms and enjoying traditional Japaneses arts and architecture. Our Takayama Festival tour will spend some time enjoying the scenery and relaxing with the stunning view of the city from Matsumoto Castle. We then proceed to the hotel.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 4
Our cherry blossom tour begins with a trip to the rustic Narai Juku port town. This preserved district is the thirty-fourth of the sixty-nine stations of the Nakasendō and the second of eleven stops in Kisoji. Recognized as a Cultural Property of Japan in 1978, this district maintains the same facade as it kept during the Edo Period thanks to preservation efforts by the Japanese government. Explore the area with your tour guide through the numerous attractions, including the immaculately preserved Nakamura Residence or the stunning Kisho Ohashi Japanese-style bridge!

From there, our Takayama tour will enjoy a brief hike between Tsumago and Magome, forty-second to forty-third of the sixty-nine post towns on the Nakasendō. Similar to Narai Juku, these two port towns are well-preserved and avoid having electrical wires, TV antennas, and telephone poles from showing to recreate the traditional Japanese atmosphere from the Edo Period. Stop for a cup of tea or relax with wagashi Japanese sweets like dango or mochi. After we enjoy the beautiful Japanese architecture from another era, our Takayama tour will enjoy a brisk hike before making it to the beautiful mountain city of Takayama.
TBA or similar
Day 5
Takayama, or as some people call it “little Kyoto,” has many areas where homes and shops are more than 300 years old and well preserved. During your Takayama Festival Tour, enjoy browsing with your tour guide all the best sights the city has to offer. Among the list, Takayama's Morning Market is considered a must for any traveler making their way through Takayama. Enjoy some time to to roam around to buy souvenirs, take pictures, or visit other important sight see spots through this market filled with vendors and activities. During your Takayama festival Japan tour, we will have time to see the Takayama floats during the day time to see a puppet performance from the floats. The portable shrines are also stages to mechanical puppets that people control inside the floats called karakuri.

While exploring Takayama, Japan Deluxe Tours highly recommends the Takayama Jinya, which served as the local government office of the old town. Open to the public as a museum, visitors can enjoy browsing through the various rooms for administrative purposes, offices, kitchens, toilets, bath rooms, residential space, a court room and storehouses. We will also visit Takayama's old town. This district is filled with many well-preserved buildings and houses from the Edo Period (1600-1868), back when the city thrived as a wealthy town of merchants.

After our time in Takayama, we will spend the afternoon at the Gassho Village in Shirakawago, a small farming community of the city. It is declared an UNESCO world heritage site where the old traditional farm homes, gassho-zukuri, are preserved to maintain the beauty of the scenery. We will also be visiting the Nagase house, a former house-turned-museum filled with tools and trinkets.

From there, our cherry blossom vacation will continue to the beautiful Kenrokuen Garden in the scenic Kanazawa Prefecture. Considered one of the top three most beautiful landscape gardens in Japan, Kenrokuen is a beautiful zen garden best enjoyed during spring or with a relaxing cup of tea. A stroll along this beautiful garden featuring streams, hills, and everything nature has to offer is sure to calm your soul.

Your Japan tour would not be complete without a long relaxing soak in the onsen, hot spring, to rejuvenate you for tomorrow’s adventure. Yukata, a Japanese robe, will be provided for you. The onsen is located in our own ryokan, a Japanese style hotel, which includes a traditional Japanese food.
Breakfast Dinner
Day 6
We begin our Takayama Tour with a visit to the MIHO Museum to enjoy a morning of contemporary and Japanese art. Designed by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei, the MIHO Museum is a modern architectural treasure located in the quiet forests of Japan. Designed with the intention for the building to blend seamlessly into the surrounding nature, the museum invokes a feeling of serenity, unity, and sustainability. The museum is filled with classic artworks from ancient civilizations to modern day treasures. Enjoy the calming grounds and picturesque atmosphere during your vacation at this wonderful architectural masterpiece.

After our time at the museum, our Takayama tour will head to Nara to see Todaiji Temple. Todaiji Temple holds the World Guinness Record as the largest wooden building. Inside the temple, you will behold the largest Buddha statue in Japan. Just outside the temple is the Nara Deer Park, where you will be greeted by numerous deer that roam around freely. The deer here at the park are known to be friendly and may even bow at you for a little treat. After playing with the deer, it's off to the hotel to rest.
Day 7
Our cherry blossom Takayama Tour begins with a visit to Arashiyama to walk through the Bamboo Groove Forest. The morning's sunlight passing through the bamboo makes for a perfect morning sight. We will also enjoy a spirited rickshaw ride through Arashiyama. Guests can enjoy seeing many of the traditional-style shops and temples during the ride. Following our time in Arashiyama, it's off to the Golden Pavilion, or Kinkakuji Temple, a Japan’s must see attraction where the two upper floors are covered in gold leaf. The reflection of the golden temple on the lake adds to the stunning sight.

After our time at the pavilion, your vacation will venture to Fushimi Inari Shrine, one of Kyoto's many can't miss destinations that features hundreds of red tori gates. The path is perfect for photos or just to calm your mind. After we take our photos of the shrine, we head out to the ancient shopping street Ninenzaka. This rustic street is filled with shops and souvenir stands, and is a great place for photos and to see what Japan looked like many years ago.

Keeping with the traditional feel, we included a tea-ceremony to help you relax and enjoy Japanese culture. After our tea ceremony, we will head to Fushimi Inari Shrine, one of Kyoto's many can't miss destinations that features hundreds of red tori gates. The path is perfect for photos or just to calm your mind. After we take our photos, enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a Maiko Dinner. Maiko are apprentice to Geisha and the dinner is a great chance to take photos and learn about Kyoto's traditional culture. We then proceed to the hotel.
Breakfast Dinner
Day 8
Your pleasant and memorable Japan tour ends today. The tour will disband after breakfast. Fly home with cherished memories or enjoy your extended stay in Japan.


From downtown hotel in Osaka to KIX Airport - about 70 mins (Bus)

From downtown hotel in Osaka to ITM Airport - about 30 mins (Bus)