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Our Add-on Day Trips allow you to experience local industries firsthand, so you can truly appreciate the culture of the best destinations you visit. They present great opportunities for you to learn about the processes involved in creating local products or traditional handicrafts from start to finish. Our Day trips range from the thrills of a ninja spy class to the serenity of flower arranging. Explore the samurai arts or uncover your zen side with a night's stay at a temple. Add some a Hiroshima Tour to your trip, or maybe explore the islands of Okinawa? If the chef in you wants to learn how to cook Japanese meals like a local, or you just want to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, our add-on day trips are sure to satisfy. The perfect addition to any of our Group Japan Tour Packages, Private Japan Luxury Tours, or Custom Japan Tours, relax and let us make your dream vacation a reality.

Please note: Not all Japan excursions or day trips may be available at time of booking. Prices are subject to change. Please contact your travel agent for more information.

Popular Day Trips

Nikko & Ninja Tour
Visit UNESCO World Heritage

from $180

1 Days | Available from Tokyo

Kyoto Maiko Dinner
Watch a traditional Maiko performance

from $160

Half Day | Available in Kyoto

Kamakura Tour
Experience Zen Meditation

from $230

1 Day | Available from Tokyo

Tokyo Disneyland 1 Day

Tokyo Disneyland
Disneyland 1 day pass + 1 night hotel

from $250

2 Days | Available from Tokyo

Tokyo DisneySea 1 Day

Tokyo DisneySea
DisneySee 1 day pass + 1 night hotel

from $250

2 Days | Available from Tokyo

Owl Cafe

Owl Cafe
Play with cute little owls and take pictures!

from USD 120.00

Half Day | Available in Tokyo

Animation Workshop Half Day Tour

Animation Workshop
Voice Acting, Manga Illustrating, Anime Acoustic Trial

from USD 120.00

Half Day | Available in Tokyo

Mt. Koya - Shukubo

Mt. Koya - Shukubo Experience
Unique stay at Mt. Koya's temple lodging

from USD 350.00

2 Days | Available from Osaka

Ninja Spy Action

Ninjya Spy Action
Learn the skills of the Ninja

From $260.00

Half Day | Available in Tokyo

Zen Food Making

Zen Food Making
Learn how to make Zen food dishes.

From $130.00

Half Day | Available in Tokyo

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