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Japan Quilt Tours

Join Japan Deluxe Tours and spend two unforgettable days at the largest quilt event in the world held in Tokyo with all of Japan's can't miss handicraft & stitch art spots on our fully-guided Quilt Japan Tours. Shop for the best fabrics & materials along Tokyo's top craft and DIY stores, join interactive traditional craft workshops in Kyoto & Kanazawa, and find inspiration along Japan's best arts and craft museums.

Travel Japan One Stitch at a Time

The Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival is the largest quilt event in the world with more than two hundred thousand people attending each year. Enjoy two days at the festival during this incredible tour before we continue to Tokyo for sightseeing, shopping in Nippori Textile town, Yoko Saito's Quilt Party and Kimono Museum. Then travel to Kanazawa, Kyoto and Tokushima, the birth place of Japanese Indigo Dyeing.

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2021

The world's largest quilt festival includes about 400 pieces of exhibition of contestant's best creation, various workshops for beginners to advanced, and famous artists gallery. In addition to that there are any side shops about sewing.

Kyoto Shibori Museum & Workshop

You can learn everything about Japanese Shibori Dyeing techniques at the Shibori Museum. Not only Japanese, but other countries' Shibori as well. Enjoy their exhibitions and make your own Shibori art.

Nippori Textile Town Shopping

Nippori Textile Town is the premier destination in Tokyo for fabric shopping. This district is lined with numerous fashion shops, selling all kinds of beautiful fabric often at discounted prices.

Ozu Washi

Founded in 1653, Ozu Washi carries everything from high-grade traditional Japanese Paper (Washi) to products used by artists all over Japan. The store has papers suited for calligraphy, Japanese-style paintings, block print, paper art, origami, and more.

Shishu Restoration Studio

The Kyoto Shishu Restoration Studio is dedicated to repairing embroidery and traditional cloth pieces, The Studio is operated by Wakosha, a cleaning company that specializes in Kimono for Buddhist monks.

Sashiko Museum

Sashiko, little stabs is a Japanese traditional form of decorative reinforcement. The Sashiko Museum is dedicated to modern sashiko artist Akie Sakamoto. The museum itself is very valuable to see. An old house build over 200 years ago was moved to location and remodeled.

Maiko Dinning Experience in Kyoto

For most travelers in Japan, meeting a Geisha is on the top of our tourists' bucket lists in Kyoto. With their porcelain make-up and brilliant traditional Japanese kimono, the Geisha of Japan evoke a mysterious allure with their charming presence.

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Partake in a craft Indigo Dyeing Workshop at this charmingly preserved traditional Japanese street. Sometimes referred to as Japan Blue today, indigo dye is one of the most popular colors in Japan and around the world.

Yoko Saito's Workshop

Yoko Saito is a quilting legend and celebrated Japanese artist. She is also an instructor of NHK Cultural Center holding a quilt workshop. Her beautiful precise needlework has reputation from worldwide because she does quilt workshops and publishes her books in France, Italy, British, Taiwan, and so on.

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival Tours 2021

Fully Guided Craft & Quilt Tours

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 6 Days Journey

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Fully Guided Craft & Quilt Tours

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 11 Days Vacation

Travel Japan One Stitch at a Time

11 Days 4 Cities   from $3438.4

from Tokyo to Osaka (Kyoto)
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