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Grand Tour of Japan

Our Grand Japan Tour packages are dynamic vacations that cover Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Kyushu and Shikoku. Enjoy temples, a bullet train ride, and a tea ceremony during your Japan adventure.

Grand Tour of Japan

Grand Anime Japan
14 Days

Essence of Spring
Grand Tours

Takayama Festival

Gion Festival

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Duration11 nights 12 days13 nights 14 daysStarting from 12 days12 nights 13 days11 nights 12 days
Tokyo to Osaka
Osaka to Tokyo
Tokyo to OsakaTokyo to Osaka
Osaka to Tokyo
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Meals23 Meals25 Meals22 Meals26 Meals24 Meals
$4,498 $4,048
per person
$5,298 $4,768
per person
$5,498 $4,948
per person
$5,148 $4,498
per person
$4,398 $3,958
per person
Single SupplementUSD 1,100USD 1,300USD 1,100USD 1,300USD 1100
Places VisitedGolden Pavilion, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Giant Buddha, Mt.Fuji, Meiji Shrine, Asakusa, Miyajima, Hiroshima Peace Park, Himeji Castle, DogoAnimeJapan, Ghibli Museum, Pokemon Center, J-World, Akihabara, Robot Restaurant, Mt.Fuji, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Golden Pavilion, Great Buddha, Miyajima, Himeji Castle, DogoAsakusa, Mt.Fuji, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Sensoji Temple, Miyajima, Hiroshima Peace Park, Himeji Castle, Dogo Takayama Festival, Shirakawago, Matsumoto Castle, Kenroku Garden, Mt.Fuji, Golden Pavilion, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Miyajima, Hiroshima Peace Park, DogoKyoto Gion Festival, Golden Pavilion, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Giant Buddha, Mt.Fuji, Asakusa, Miyajima, Hiroshima Peace Park, Himeji Castle, Takachiho Gorge, Dogo


A dynamic, action packed adventure in Japan.

Grand Tour of Japan Series

Grand Tour of Japan packages explore more than the usual tourist spots through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Our Grand Japan Tour packages hits all of the same attractions and destinations loved on our tours between Tokyo and Kyoto, but also includes a southern spectacular journey through Shikoku and Kyushu.

1. Essence of Spring | Cherry Blossom Grand Tours<a name=grand2></a>

1. Essence of Spring | Cherry Blossom Grand Tours

Departure Date(s)
11 Days
2019 Tokyo Kyoto(Osaka) 03/21, 03/25, 04/02, 04/13, Kyoto(Osaka) Tokyo 03/25, 03/29
12 Days
2019 Tokyo Kyoto(Osaka) 03/20, 03/24, 04/01, 04/12, Kyoto(Osaka) Tokyo 03/25, 03/29

10 Nights 11 Days  From :  $5,498 $4,948

11 Nights 12 Days  From :  $5,698 $5,128

Some argue that there's a certain beauty in simplicity. We couldn't agree more, whether it's the magnificence of Mt. Fuji, or the delicate nature of the cherry blossom, we appreciate the little details. However, when it comes to a vacation during Japan's best season, going grand is the way to travel! Embark on a cross-country expedition visiting major cities like Tokyo, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Beppu, Himeji, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, and Kumamoto on our fully escorted Grand Cherry Blossom Japan Tour series!

Many belive that the sakura season is the peak time to visit Japan, and we agree. Trek through the most beloved attractions on an epic journey as we appreciate Japanese culture. With With sakura petals cascading in the background, Japan is dazzling in beautiful shades of pink and white. Travel cross-country as you visit major cities and venture through the lesser traveled hot spots in the southern islands of Shikoku & Kyushu.

This fully escorted Essence of Spring | Cherry Blossom Grand Tours is one of our most comprehensive Japan tours, visiting three of Japan's four major islands. During our time in Tokyo, our day is spent appreciating the vast multi-cultural factors that make up the futuristic city. From museums and gardens to give us insight to the Edo Period, to the cutting edge fashion centers like Harajuku and Shibuya, there's always something to see in the countries capital. No trip to Japan is complete without an onsen visit, so we made sure to provide a Japanese style hotel for a one-of-a-kind experience. There's also the tea ceremony, bullet train ride, and an assortment of Japanese specialty meals to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Our time in Kyoto and Nara are focused on the rich history of the country, with stops along the way at Todaiji Temple, the Nara Deer Park, and the Golden Pavilion for photos, fun, and history!

No grand tour of Japan is complete without time in the City of Peace Hiroshima, the first city struck by an atomic bomb. Learn about the effects the war had in Japan at the Peace Memorial Park, and lift your spirits visiting Miyajima, where the famous Itsukushima Shrine awaits. While you may not recognize the name, this is the iconic shrine that floats in the waters. A must-see, we made sure to include the best in our Grand Tour Series.

Don't forget, this tour will also explore the southern treasures of Kyushu and Shikoku. Not all travelers visit these southern islands, and that's a real shame, especially when the cherry blossoms can be found along the way. The natural wonders of Shikoku are sure to awaken the nature lover in you. Enjoy the beauty of Ritsurin Garden or be taken aback by the power of the Naruto Whirlpools. There's also the famous Dogo Onsen, the inspiriation behind the popular Ghibli Film Spirited Away. Kyushu's own Kumamoto Castle and Tour of Hell are also time-tested favorites on this tour! No matter where you go, our Grand Cherry Blossom Japan Tours bring out the best of the season. You can also extend your vacation before/after your tour in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka!

Tokyo - Hakone - Mt. Fuji - Nara - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima - Kumamoto - Takachiho - Beppu - Dogo

The featured destinations and experiences are for our Essence of Spring | Grand Cherry Blossom Tour 11 Days package.

2. Grand Tour of Japan 12 Days<a name=grand3></a>

2. Grand Tour of Japan 12 Days

Departure Date(s)
12 Days
2019 Tokyo Kyoto(Osaka) 06/11, 07/30, 09/24, 10/08

11 Nights 12 Days  From :  $4,498   $4,048 pp

The Land of the Rising Sun is filled with contrast elements of cutting edge technology and vibrant metropolis to traditional Japanese temples and raw beauty of nature. Grand Tour packages will journey to three major islands of Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku.

This fully guided Grand Japan Tour packages will travel to Hiroshima, Miyajima, Arita Ceramic Village, Nagasaki, Beppu, Matsuyama, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and Tokyo. You will not miss the indescribable experiences of a Japanese green tea ceremony in a Buddhist Temple, visit a rural town known for their “imari-yaki” ceramic, watch a traditional kagura dance, Todaiji Temple where “Giant Buddha” and roaming deer resides, “black crow” castle of Kumamoto, and the famous Ritsurin Garden. From sunrise to sunset, you will be immerse in Japanese culture and experience the beauty of Japan’s countryside. You can also extend your vacation before / after this Grand Tours in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.

Travel through three of Japan's majors islands, stopping at all the notable and remarkable sights.

Tokyo - Hakone - Mt. Fuji - Nara - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima - Fukuoka - Beppu - Dogo

3. Anime Japan | Grand Tour 14 Days<a name=grand4></a>

3. Anime Japan | Grand Tour 14 Days

Departure Date(s)
14 Days
2019 Tokyo Kyoto(Osaka) 03/22

13 Nights 14 Days  From :  $5,298 $4,768

Expand your horizon and venture off on an epic journey during our AnimeJapan | Grand Tour 14 Days package! This fully escorted anime Japan tour takes you to all of the awesome destinations and attractions as listed on our AnimeJapan Tour | Hiroshima package, but will also go further south to the islands of Shikoku & Kyushu. Experience a side of Japan you've never seen before visiting power spots like Takachiho Gorge. Or just sit back and enjoy the natural occurring Naruto Whirlpools in Tokushima.

This AnimeJapan tour keeps our time-tested itinerary through Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and Hiroshima, with more time to spend in the southern islands. Not many get the chance to travel to Shikoku or Kyushu, but those who have often comment on the natural beauty and rustic feel. You'll feel as if you've been transported back to the old days of Samurai Champloo or Ruroni Kenshin while enjoying the charming scenery along the way.

During your time in the southern islands, enjoy all the sights and attractions of Kumamoto, Takachiho, Beppu, Takamatsu, and Tokushima. Take in the Tour of Hell in Beppu, or learn some dance moves at the Awaodori Kaikan. There's also the Zen-inducing magic of the Ritsurin Garden, and the revered Dogo Onsen, the inspiration to the classic Ghibli film Spirited Away. Our itinerary for the southern Japan includes the best attractions to keep you entertained from start to finish! You can also extend your vacation before/ after this Anime Japan Tour in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.

An action packed Anime and Manga themed tour designed to show you the best spots of Japan while feeding your inner Otaku!

Tokyo - AnimeJapan - Hakone - Mt. Fuji - Nara - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima - Kumamoto - Takachiho - Beppu - Dogo

4. Grand Takayama Festival Tours<a name=grand5></a>

4. Grand Takayama Festival Tours

Departure Date(s)
13 Days
2019 Tokyo Kyoto(Osaka) 04/11, Kyoto(Osaka) Tokyo 04/06

12 Nights 13 Days  From :  $4,998 $4,498

Leave no stone unturned on an epic Japan tour journey during our Spring Takayama Festival Grand Japan Tour! Enjoy an incredible journey traveling to the best destinations Japan has to offer. After all of the sights we cover in Tokyo, Nara, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, we leave the festive drum tunes and beautifully decorated floats of the Takayama Festival behind, we will head to Kyushu, where the southern beauties are a well kept secret of Japan. Kyushu boats incredible sights where reality and fantasy come together. Enjoy all the sights of Takachiho Gorge before you test your courage while talking a walk through Beppu's Tour of Hell. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds, except for maybe the fiery stream of hot-spring water that errupt at one of the stops along the walk.

On a ferry, we will move to Shikoku Island and visit Dogo Onsen, Japan’s oldest wooden bathhouse that served as the inspiration for the famous Ghibli film Spirited Away. Shikoku is also famous for Ritsurin Garden, a beautiful landscape garden built in the early Edo Period. Our Festival Japan tour package will also stop in Tokushima to learn about Awa Odori, a famous traditional dance of another great festival of Japan. The Awa-Odori Festival is another popular festival that draws thousands to Tokushima to enjoy watching the traditional dance. Take the opportunity to learn some of the moves and bring them home to share with friends, or enjoy the Naruto Whirlpool's before your trip is over. This Japan tour package includes a stay at a ryokan, or Japanese inn, to truly experience Japanese hospitality. The ryokan will have hot springs for you to relax in and serves a delicious traditional Japanese meal.

All of the excitement of the Takayama Festival Tour with Hiroshima with further journeys out to Kyushu and Shikoku Islands.

The destinations and attractions featured are for our 13 Day Grand Tour package from Tokyo.

Tokyo - Hakone - Mt. Fuji - Nagano - Shirakawago - Takayama - Kanazawa - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima - Kumamoto - Takachiho - Beppu - Dogo

5. Grand Kyoto Gion Festival Tours 12 Days

5. Grand Kyoto Gion Festival Tours 12 Days

Departure Date(s)
13 Days
2019 Tokyo Kyoto(Osaka) 07/12

11 Nights 12 Days  From :  $4,398 $3,958

Experiencing the Kyoto Gion Festival during its date of the grand procession and traveling from Tokyo to Hiroshima via Osaka and Kyoto is a trip in itself but why not complete your Japan trip traveling out to two more major islands of Kyushu and Shikoku? While many travelers stay within Honshu, this Grand Kyoto Gion Festival Japan Tour takes you to the southern beauties hidden within Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Beppu, Dogo Onsen, and more.

From Hiroshima, the tour will head to Nagasaki’s Glover Garden and Oura Catholic Church to see some of the greatest western influences Japan experienced at the time. Heading south to Kyushu, we will visit Kumamoto Castle, one of the three premier castles in Japan, along with Himeji Castle which we previously visited. Another beautiful sight in Kyushu is Takachiho Gorge, a stunning waterfall in the magical town of Takachiho. Here you can take a hike to the gorgeous waterfall and watch an reenactment of the legend of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Before heading to Shikoku, a Tour of Hell is Beppu will be in intriguing experience. A walk along the paths of the Tour of Hell takes you to unique colored hot springs meant for sightseeing. In Shikoku, we will visit many places like Dogo Onsen which served as the inspiration for the famous Ghibli film Spirited Away, Ritsurin Garden, and more.

All the thrills of our Kyoto Gion Festival Tour with Hiroshima while also journeying out to the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku.

Tokyo - Hakone - Mt. Fuji - Nara - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Fukuoka - Kumamoto - Takachiho - Beppu - Dogo

Standard on All Tours

  • Excellent mix of fine Western style hotels and Japanese style Ryokan
  • Most Meals (Western & Japanese Cuisine)
  • All ground transportation in Japan
  • Admission Fees, Tax & Gratuities
  • Round-trip airport transfers (on designated tour dates; see details)
  • Full time service of licensed English speaking tour guide
  • Free Wifi in Bus & Most hotels
  • No local payment

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