Tour Guides and Staff

Meet the Japan Deluxe Tours Tour Guides and Staff. They work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best Japan tour vacations!

All of our tour guides are licensed by the government, after passing certification exams administered by the Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency and register with the relevant prefectures. These professionals can accompany you anywhere in Japan to provide accurate information about the sights and attractions you see. Non-licensed guides caught performing guide-interpreter activities can face a fine up to 500,000 Yen.

Shimazaki Hidesada

Shimazaki Hidesada

A popular tour guide of ours, Shimazaki Hidesada is a great guide with many positive reviews from our tour participants!

Tour guide hide-san shared a lot of knowledge of the attractions as well as the general areas we visited. he was friendly and had a good sense of humor

Tour guide Mr. Hide Shimazaki was an excellent guide who was humorous, very knowledgeable, very helpful, kind, and a good speaker/teacher. We enjoyed his creative lessons on the long drives. He was also very thoughtful. Any tour group would be lucky to have him as a tour guide.

Our tour guide Hide-san is the BEST guide. He is very knowledgeable and friendly which made our tour of Japan so much more memorable.

Sachiko Tanaka

Sachiko Tanaka

Always there to please, Sachiko-san's reviews speak for themselves. Highly rated and always thinking about the group, you can't go wrong with Tanaka-san!

To add, everything we saw was beautiful and made better by our wonderfully well-spoken tour guide Tanaka-san.

Our tour guide Sachiko-san is a wonderful guide! She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was professional and friendly. I am thankful and grateful to have had Sachiko-san with me on my Japanese adventure! Thank you very much for everything!

Our tour guide Chiko did a wonderful job giving us the history when we would visit each site. She was very knowledgeable which only made the trip better.

Seiko Fukui

Seiko Fukui

Seiko-san is a real fan favorite, always looking to make sure our tour participants are fully satisfied. If there's a problem and Seiko-san is there, you have nothing to worry about!

Tour guide Seiko-san was cheerful and shared important information of sights. She was attentive to many various needs of the group.

We were always learning. I very much appreciated Seiko s commentary on and off the bus and her willingness to answer questions and accommodate us. Thank you Seiko.

She is very friendly, helpful, kind, she was especially thoughtful about wheelchair access for my mum in Takachiho.

Takao Uruno

Takao Uruno

Leading a tour is an art, and Takao-san does it right. Enjoy the finest spots of Japan while learning about Japan's rich history with Takao-san!

Our tour guide was perfect to teach us about every place we saw.

Our tour guide was such a great gentlemen who made every step of the trip a breeze.

Our tour guide was very helpful and informative at each site, providing us with interesting information about the sites.

Katsumi Cho

Katsumi Cho

Often called Sumi-san by our tour participants, Katsumi takes care of business, making sure you see the best and enjoy your time to the fullest!

thank you Sumi who was such a great tour guide. She was helpful and accommodating the whole time of the tour.

Our tour guide Sumi was fantastic, helpful, knowledgeable and well-organized making the trip so much better.

Our guide Sumi is an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable about all aspects of Japanese culture. I would recommend her to any of my friends coming to Japan.

Hiroki Watanabe

Hiroki Watanabe

Nicknamed Rocky, expect the best when he's guiding you through the top spots of Japan!

Our tour guide Hiroki was absolutely incredible. I was really happy with his tour. He was so friendly and patient. I hope you pay him a lot - you want to keep him working for you!

Enjoy our tour guide, very knowledgeable, helpful, flexible, patient. Overall, great job. Rocky was excellent the best sense of humor.

I really liked Rocky, he was very intelligent, easy to understand, and a very nice person.

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