Winter Japan Tours 2022-2023

Winter Discovery Tours

The perfect vacation, our Winter Japan Tour packages include seeing adorable snow monkey while enjoying Japan's traditional culture on this Winter Holiday vacation.

Winter Discovery Tour - Meet Snow Monkey

What better way to experience unique sites and culture than in the Winter. Witness up close and personal the Japanese macaques relaxing in the natural hot springs. If you are lucky enough, maybe even see a snow-covered Golden Pavilion for a magnificent photo op. A wonderful blend of culture and nature on our Winter Discovery tours provide a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Snow Monkey

Jigokudani brings people face to face with the famous wild Japanese macaques or Snow Monkeys. The beloved snow monkeys of Yudanaka are famous for taking long, relaxing baths in the mountain's natural hot springs. The Jigokudani area is part of the monkey’s natural habitat and they often roam freely between the surrounding forest and hot spring. Seeing the Snow Monky is a truly charming sight that cannot be found naturally anywhere else in the world.

Winter in Japan

Known for it’s four seasons, Winter is known to be relatively pleasant in Japan. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing and the sun is often out keeping gloomy clouds away. Snow is common more inland, where you can find some of the best regions for winter sports in Japan. Historical city’s like Kyoto can also experience snow, producing stunning scenery at famed sites such as the Fushimi Inari Shrine. For a milder Winter experience, try a Southern Japan Tour.

Drift into a Universe of Lights

Alongside the captivating snow monkeys, take in the winter scenery as you tour around Japan from Tokyo to Kyoto and beyond depending on your tour. Winter does tend to be more festive making each attraction that much more enjoyable, and is the perfect time to relax in the hot-springs. You may see some snow while in Kyoto allowing for a truly special experience. Don't miss the illuminations lighting up cities throughout the country for a beautiful city view.

Winter Discovery Tours

Snow Monkey Tours

Winter Discovery - Snow Monkey 7 Days

Famous bathing snow monkeys in Nagano

7 Days 5 Cities   from $3,798

from Tokyo to Osaka (Kyoto)
2022, 2023 Schedule Available

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Anime Tours

Winter Discovery - Snow Monkey & Anime 9 Days

Winter wonderland in the scenic mountains

9 Days 5 Cities  

from Tokyo to Osaka (Kyoto)

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Anime Tours

Winter Discovery - Snow Monkey | Anime & Hiroshima

Get the most out of the winter

11 Days 8 Cities  

from Tokyo to Hiroshima

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