Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour

Private 2 - $800 per person
Private 4 and more - $400 per person

Available : July - Beginning September

You have the opportunity to climb the 3776 meters (12,388 feet) of Japan’s most iconic symbol, the sacred Fuji-san.
The classic time to ascend the mountain is at night, climbing through the darkness to reach the summit as the sun gradually appears over the horizon, lighting up the World in the most dramatic and beautiful way, revealing the mountains and lakes below and warming the weary limbs of the pilgrims who have struggled to the top.
It is said a fool never climbs Mt. Fuji but you are more of a fool to climb it twice. And this is no easy stroll. You will need to be fully prepared with good hiking shoes, waterproofs (in case of rain), hat, gloves, and layers of clothing to keep out the cold. We will stop at Onsen (Hot Sping) on the way back to Tokyo.

From $400.00 PP

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