Downtown Osaka Walking and Local Food Tour

-Group Walking Tour

Take a quick tour around Osaka with a local guide for a walking and local food tour. First we will explore the Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, founded in the year 211, which still remains to be the center of religion to the people of Osaka. This particular Sumiyoshi shrine is the main shrine of over 2,000 Sumiyoshi shrines in all of Japan. We will then take a tram car to Ebisu-Cho station where we will visit Osaka's Shin-sekai. The nostalgic atmosphere of the tram car and the old town of Shin-sekai is perfect for enjoying an old time favorite snack of Osaka, the kushi-katsu. It is a deep fried skewered dish, with great variety of ingredients from chicken and beef to eggplant and pumpkin.

From $80.00 PP

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