Keep connected with your family and friends during your Japan travels with a data SIM Card for internet access. There may be moments during this tour when a hotel we use will not have Wi-Fi, or the complimentary Wi-Fi on the bus isn't enough. Perfect for the traveler looking to share their adventures on social media, or for anyone who feels more comfortable to have the internet with them to make traveling easier, a data SIM Card is a great option instead of renting a pocket Wi-Fi router. A data SIM Card takes about five minutes to install, and is an easy way to have internet access on your smartphone or tablet during your Japan tour. Once the tour is over and you've returned home, just switch back your SIM Card and reactivate your phone to resume normal service.
We can arrange for a data SIM Card while you're in Japan to keep you connected to the internet when Wi-Fi just isn't an option.

Note, data SIM Cards can only be used on Unlocked-smart phones. Please contact your mobile carrier to check if your phone can use a data SIM Card.
Japan Deluxe Tours assumes no responsibility for any damage or charges that may occur when using or installing a data SIM Card.

From $40.00 PP

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