Guidelines for entering Japan


Starting from June 10, you can enter Japan for guided package tours.

Starting from June 10, you can enter Japan for guided package tours.

Starting from June 10, you can enter Japan for guided package tours. Please read the guideline and Japan Deluxe Tours policy.

The government has finally announced the guidelines for resuming acceptance of guided package tours to Japan. Please read below.

General Rule
- Travel agencies in Japan MUST be in charge of managing the entire tour.
- This tourism purpose entry is now only for the people from the country in the Group Blue. Group by country
- Visa: Required for all the participants.
- Pre-departure test result must be negative (within 72 hours before flight)
- Wear mask: Yes, except for outdoor activities and in onsen hot spring
- Insurance: Required
*Must have private medical insurance that provides adequate coverage and services, including in the case of COVID-19 infection. When tested positive during the tour, you need to pay the expenses within the coverage amount of the insurance.
- Require travelers contact info and agree to Japan Deluxe Tours, Inc. privacy policy.
- When tested positive or become close contact: Required to follow instructions by Japan Deluxe Tours, Inc., tour conductor, medical institutions and health center.

About Tour - Tour conductor: Must accompany throughout the entire itinerary, from entry to departure.
(e.g., Boarding bullet trains without the tour conductor and transferring between the airport and the hotel without the tour conductor are NOT allowed.)
*See below for the definition of a tour conductor.
- Itinerary: Needs to be fixed in advance.
- Group size: minimum 1 person
- Travel length: No restriction
- Destination: No restriction
- Allowed to use public transportation: Yes
- Free day: No
*If all participants are able to keep in contact with the guide at all times, free time within a certain area (e.g., in a shopping mall) is allowed.

*The definition of a tour conductor
"Tour conductor" needs to meet the following conditions (1) ~ (3).
(1) Correctly understand the latest infection prevention measures in Japan.
(2) Communicate smoothly in Japanese with medical personnel, local governments, suppliers, etc in the event of an emergency.
(3) Conduct the tour in order to carry out the prefixed itinerary and keep record of the daily activities.

Japan Deluxe Tours Policy - ERFS support: Available only when the whole tour is arranged by Japan Deluxe Tours, Inc..
*To apply for a Visa, you need the certification issued by ERFS.

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