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Miriam C.
Attended Tour: 13 Days Takayama Festival | Grand Tour - Cherry Blossom Seasonal Tour From Kyoto(Osaka) To Tokyo

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Thank you for making this Japan trip a dream come true!

I'm back from my trip to Japan and I want to thank Japan Deluxe Tour on behalf of my travel friends and myself. I wont deny I felt scared to travel to an unknown country with unknown people who would assist us during our travel but I was very wrong. The Takayama festival tour was an incredible experience worth the nerves.

The service provided by the tour guides (Park, Noris, Sakiko and drivers ) and yourself where excellent and exceeded our expectations. So were the Hotels!

They were wonderfully polite, on time, helpful, responsible, respectful, knowledgeable.... and we will always have them in our hearts. They made this trip a very special and unique one for us.

Thank you so much for making this Japan trip a dream come true! I've always wanted to take a tour of Japan and this was the best experience. I am very aware of all the coordination this requires, and you made it happen! This was by far the best Japan tour I could ask for.
I would appreciate if you can forward this mail to the tour guides in a gesture of gratitude and great respect for their service and the knowledge they have of their country. It has been an honor to learn the values and costumes of your country.

You may be certain that my references of you and your company will be provided on my behalf to all future fellow travelers and my first suggestion will always be Japan!!!


Ms. Miriam

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