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Attended Tour: 4 Days Private Tokyo 4 Days Tour From Tokyo To Tokyo

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Each of my guides were professional and compassionate.

Please accept my deepest appreciation for a wonderful, magical holiday in Japan.
I made so many beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Each of my tour guides were professional and compassionate. It was more like being with friends than a group tour. All three guides brought something special to my tour. Sachiko my first guide set the tone for the wonderful calm energy that pulsates from the earth and people of Japan. She helped me fulfill a dream I have held since a little girl. I wanted a Do Ra and she contacted every shop in Japan until we found a Do Ra so lovely that it exceeded my own imagination.

Toshihiro, was a great source of comfort to me. When I arrived in Kyoto, I received and email from FEDEX that some items I sent from Hong Kong were being delayed at US Customs and was in jeopardy of being sent back to China. This created a 3 hour delay to the itinerary. Unfortunately the hotel was slow in assisting me, I believe the language barrier was at fault because they were eager to assist me but things moved very slowly. I was in a state of panic and Toshihiro insisted that I relax and enjoy the tour. I would not have begun to appreciate Kyoto were it not for his gentle and protective nature. He quickly rearranged the itinerary to maximize the time. I'm very great full to him.

Mio was a delight, she prepared a photo presentation to educate me on the different points of interest. I quickly learned that Kyoto is the kimono city and I would never have peace if I didn't acquire a kimono. Mio, took me to Takashimaya where I purchased an exquisite kimono. The shopping experience was extremely long and difficult. I wouldn't have been able to acquire the kimono without her. She helped me arrange for the clerk to dress me in my kimono. Two wonderful women whom became my Japanese mothers dressed me in my first kimono. It was magical, I felt like and empress and bride. I wore my kimono to Maiko show and will treasure the experience forever. I was so pleased that Mt Fuji shared her beautiful face on the train ride to Tokyo, she was visible for 45 minutes.

When I arrived at Grand Hyatt in Roppongi the wonderful staff accommodated my needs. I was able to wear my kimono again with the assistance of the concierge and the lovely women at the hotel spa. It was my greatest pleasure to wear my kimono for dinner at Jiro. Master Jiro was very touched by my love of Japanese culture and made the experience very special for me. I'm honored to have seen him create his art. My palette has been elevated which brings me joy and sadness because no sushi will ever compare to Jiro and we are separated by an ocean. This only means I will have to return to Japan many times. I'm happy to say I made it to Tuna auction this morning, an amazing experience.

I can't wait to return to Japan and I will happily work with you and your wonderful team in the future to try another one of your Japan tour packages

Please accept my deepest gratitude.

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