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Kimberley R. (United States)
Attended Tour: 12 Days Highlights of Japan | Grand Tour From Tokyo To Kyoto(Osaka)

  • Overall satisfaction:

The entire Japan tour was amazing! Would recommend!

The entire Japan tour was amazing!
Masashi san/ Condo san (tour guide/bus driver) are amazing! Wouldn't trade them for the world! Very thankful!!
Thank you both for being so amazing!
Thank you increasing my love for Japan!
Thank you Japan Deluxe Tours!
Would recommend!

1. How would you rate the accommodations? (Comfort, cleanliness, location)


It was truly amazing to experience each hotel and their unique characteristics.

2. What did you think about the food? (Taste, variety)


Each meal was absolutely amazing. Including when we had to find our own dinner> Japan has amazing, delicious food.

3. Was the tour guide helpful? (Knowledge, communication, attitude)


Best tour guide in all of Japan!! Extremely amazing!!!! Masashi and Condo are excellent! Perfect! Condo san is an amazing driver! The best! Extremely Excellent/ amazing driver who is so easily missed and unnoticed for his skills! Has very talented and I felt safe 100% of the time! Masashi san is amaziing, he was truly a gift. Best tour guide in Japan. He is very smart and knowledgeable! very funny and entertaining! Never have a complaint. He goes out of his way to ensure our pleasure! Always makes us laugh and always has something to teach! I really much enjoyed the pop quiz and the prizes the treats just everything was perfect! He is a strong hearted man who is a joy to be around and he will never be forgotten.

4. How would you rate the sightseeing spots we have visited? (Favorite place, least favorite)


Each sight has amazing! The entire tour was amazing! you get to see all of Japan in all aspects!

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