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Riley & Trenton J. (United States)
Attended Tour: 9 Days Essence of Spring | Hiroshima - Cherry Blossom Seasonal Tour From Tokyo To Hiroshima

  • Overall satisfaction:

Loved the Onsen!

Best Place Visited on the Japan Tour: Onsen (hot spring)

Best Experience on the Japan Tour: Enjoy Onsen & Hiroshima Peace Park & Museum

Want to Visit again/next time: Back to Onsen :)

To help keep track of people and stay in time... have fun roll call when leaving on bus to check.
Example, guide says "Jeong Family?" Then Jeong Family says chant back "Hawaii" that way no need count every person and we all get to know the different family/people and help keep us all on time.
If family miss roll call, they must sing Japanese sorry song :)

1. How would you rate the accommodations? (Comfort, cleanliness, location)


Very helpful service! All bath supplies.

2. What did you think about the food? (Taste, variety)


Good variety (mix of foods) Breakfast very good.

3. Was the tour guide helpful? (Knowledge, communication, attitude)


Was able to work w/ large number of people (40). Fun stories and flexible to needs of client.

4. How would you rate the sightseeing spots we have visited? (Favorite place, least favorite)

Very Good

Good mixture of different sights.

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