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Katia F. & David M. (Australia)
Attended Tour: 8 Days Essence of Spring | Hiroshima - Cherry Blossom Seasonal Tour From Tokyo To Kyoto

  • Overall satisfaction:

A good tour overall. We shall remember always

Best Place Visited on the Japan Tour: Kyoto / Tokyo / Hiroshima / Miyajima

Best Experience on the Japan Tour: Himeji Castle Chery Blossoms

Want to Visit again/next time:more free time needed in Kyoto and Tokyo

There is a great deal of travel time on the tours. A good tour overall, just needed a little bit of fine tuning and flexibility would be recommended. Unfortunately the transfer to the station at the end of the tour relied on using the hotel shuttle bus. However, our train left prior to the first shuttle bus of the day, so a taxi was required and left a poor end to a good tour, particularly as we weren't met on arrival.

1. How would you rate the accommodations? (Comfort, cleanliness, location)

Very Good

The hotels were nice and comfortable.

2. What did you think about the food? (Taste, variety)


Gluten free options were an after thought in some places yet in others the restaurants were very accommodating. Very disappointed to be eating a subway salad when others eating beautiful teppenyaki meal which could have been served without or have the sauce on the side. Considerations should be given for dietary requirements.

3. Was the tour guide helpful? (Knowledge, communication, attitude)

Very Good

Addi was most entertaining and fun. She was most helpful whenever she could be. Monch was terrific and worked very hard.

4. How would you rate the sightseeing spots we have visited? (Favorite place, least favorite)

Very Good

The cherry blossoms complimented the shrines and temples beautifully and we shall remember them always.

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