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Susan T.
Attended Tour: 13 Days Cherry Blossom | Grand Tour - Cherry Blossom Seasonal Tour From Kyoto(Osaka) To Tokyo

  • Overall satisfaction:

Some of these stops on our tour were fantastic

Best place visited in this tour: Itsukushima Shrine

Best experience had in Japan: Himeji Castle

Any place went to visit next time: Kiyomizudera
Our tour group was not too big so we had lots of room on the bus, which was very comfortable. While the bus did not have a bathroom, we did make rest stops along the way. Some of these stops were fantastic with food courts and bright, clean, airy bathrooms.

1. How would you rate the accommodations? (Comfort, cleanliness, location)

Very Good

Most hotels were spacious and modern. Amenities and personal care products were nice. Hotel staff were very polite.

2. What did you think about the food? (Taste, variety)


Breakfast buffets had many choices to choose from. We got to try many regional specialties and local treats. Meal portions were large. The group was exposed to many new foods.

3. Was the tour guide helpful? (Knowledge, communication, attitude)

Very Good

Keigo was very warm, friendly, and cheerful even when dealing with some strong personalities. He worked hard to accommodate all the different needs.

4. How would you rate the sightseeing spots we have visited? (Favorite place, least favorite)


We learned about the history of Japan and the significance of each site. There was a great mix of modern and old sites. We managed to see much of the nature around Japan which was beautiful.

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