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Michael L.
Attended Tour: 8 Days Essence Of Spring | Anime - Cherry Blossom Seasonal Tour From Tokyo To Kyoto(Osaka)

  • Overall satisfaction:

Glad I did the tour. Great way to get a taste of Japan

I am glad I did the tour. It was a great way to get a taste of Japan for the next time we visit this beautiful country.

Best place visited in this tour: Ryoanji Temple

Best experience had in Japan: Akihabara

Any place went to visit next time: Hiroshima, the countryside

1. How would you rate the accommodations? (Comfort, cleanliness, location)

Very Good

The hotels were comfortable, the quality was consistent. The onsen was a great experience.

2. What did you think about the food? (Taste, variety)


The meals were of very high quality at very pleasant restaurants.

3. Was the tour guide helpful? (Knowledge, communication, attitude)


Rocky was friendly and helpful. His English was excellent.

4. How would you rate the sightseeing spots we have visited? (Favorite place, least favorite)


We saw so many interesting sights. Was not disappointed.

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