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Kimberlee R. (United States)
Attended Tour: 7 Days Essence of Spring Tour - Cherry Blossom Seasonal Tour From Kyoto(Osaka) To Tokyo

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Dream Japan vacation the absolute trip of a lifetime.

My family recently went on the Spring Elegance Tour from March 14th-March 18th, and I am writing to commend the company and staff for providing an amazing and unforgettable experience. Because of the recent tragedy in northern Japan, we very nearly cancelled our guided tour outright, but were convinced by communication from your company and others that we should proceed with the tour. Because it was something we have been planning for and dreaming about for such a long time, we decided not to be intimidated by the dire warnings in the news media, and we flew into Osaka on March 13th.

We (me, my husband, mother and two children) were met at the airport by our tour guide, Hidesada Shimazaki. Being in his capable hands, along with our bus driver Mr. Ishida, made it possible for us to have the most splendid time. I cannot compliment our tour guide enough for his positive spirits, his sense of humor and his great knowledge about the places that we visited. He truly made it possible for us and the other members of the group tour to experience Japan the way it was meant to be experienced. We were all exquisitely aware of the terrible events unfolding in other parts of the country (I am sure all of us watched the English version of CNN wherever we could tune it in), but rather than have that knowledge cast a shadow over our experience, Hide-san acknowledged what was happening with daily updates, and very ably provided alternatives for us when power outages and such made the scheduled locations of our tour unavailable. He had to work very hard to deliver a special experience as we got into Tokyo, but he did so with great aplomb.

In addition to the considerable skills of Hide-san and Ishida-san, we enjoyed every meal, and every hotel we stayed at was of excellent quality. Our transportation was top-notch and everywhere we went we were treated with friendly graciousness. It was hard to remember that a devastating natural disaster had just occurred days before—until we turned on the television in our hotel rooms, of course.

I suspect that this year's tourism season for Japan has been greatly damaged by the earthquake along with so many other things. I hope you will consider posting this letter on your website to let people know that we can confirm it: Japan has so much to offer despite the terrible toll that the earthquake has taken. We are already planning for when we can go back!

Thank you again for making our dream vacation the absolute trip of a lifetime.

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