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Keeping you connected in Japan!

Save 20% on your Rental!

Japan Deluxe Tours is partnering with Ninja-Wifi to keep you connected while in Japan! For a limited time, Ninja-Wifi is offering a 20% discount on your rental!

What is a Mobile WiFi Router?

A device allowing you to use the Internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc. by connecting to the local mobile phone network. By connecting to the local mobile phone network, you can enjoy the Internet as usual without incurring expensive overseas packet communication fees.

You can share with others!

It is also possible to share with your friends and family as you can use several smart phones or computers with one WiFi router.

Advantages of NINJA WiFi

While there are many options to select for your Wi-Fi needs in Japan, we would like to introduce you to Ninja-Wifi and their easy to use Wi-Fi renting services!

Simple Order Steps

It couldn't be easier to reserve a rental Wi-Fi.
1) Just fill out the Registration form
2) Select when/how you want to receive your router
3) Pay
You can pick up your router at the airport, pickup counter, or have it delivered directly to you. When it's time to return, just drop it off at the airport or return by delivery!


Different methods and places for pick-up and return are acceptable! Choose between picking up your router at the airport, via delivery service, or directly at their Shinjuku counter.
Example: [Pick-up] Narita Airport → [Return] Kansai International Airport
Example: [Pick-up] Haneda Airport → [Return] via Delivery Service.


Using your Wi-Fi is as simple as turn the router on when you want to use it, enter the password, and enjoy!
Please use our service only during the dates that you signed up. If you have any questions about issues with your WiFi device or how to use it during your service period, please contact either of the following call centers:


Choose between dropping off your router at the airport counter, drop-off box, or via delivery service. Don't forget, different methods for pick-up and return are okay!
Example: [Pick-up] via Delivery Service→ [Return] Kansai International Airport
Example: [Pick-up] Itami Airport → [Return] Narita Airport

Limited Time! Enjoy Discounted Wi-Fi Rentals!

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