Shikoku Japan Tour Videos

Not sure where to go on your Japan tour? Try one of our Southern Japan Tour packages and trek through the wonder that is the Shikoku region. Divided into four prefectures: Ehime, Kagawa, Kochi, and Tokushima, Shikoku is sure to make your Japan tour memorable. Take a Southern Japan Tour during the summer and spend some time in Tokushima during the Awa Odori, a large scale Bon Odori during August. If you want to experience the culture without dancing, Kagawa’s Konpira Shrine and Ritsurin Garden are the perfect stops in Shikoku to soak yourself in historic Japanese culture. If you just want a nice soak, Matsuyama in Ehime is home to the Dogo Onsen, one of Japans most famous hot springs, is the perfect get away. Join us on our next Southern Japan Tour and enjoy the beauty that is Shikoku!

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