Travel Japan Tips: Japanese Toilets


Squat a lot!

Squat a lot!

We have two pieces of advice today for public bathrooms in Japan for all you up coming travelers! Japan's restrooms are usually quite clean, but there are a couple things we make sure to have on us whenever we go in.

  1. Have a Bathroom Kit on hand. Japan's bathrooms and rest stops are usually pretty nice, it doesn't hurt to travel with a hand towel, pocket tissues, and even some hand sanitizers. Not all Japanese restrooms offer paper towels or air-dryers for your hands after you do your business. It doesn't hurt to keep an extra hand towel in your bag for these kinds of moments. Also, while there is usually toilet paper available in all public restrooms, keep a pack on hand of tissue's just in case!
  2. Don't be afraid to hold against something if you're using a Japanese toilet. Odds are, you're not accustom to the squatting toilets used in Japan. In the off chance you need to use one of these bad boys, try to hold onto the wall, railings, or the shiny silver metal behind the toilet to help balance your weight. It's difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it with practice!

Hopefully you'll be ready when you ever need to use the bathroom and a Japanese toilet is the only option!

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