Hanami Cherry Blossom

Spring is the season of “SAKURA” and “OHANAMI” in Japan. Japanese people do Ohanami under the cherry blossom and drink an alcohol, eat bento and spend a good time with friends, family or co-workers. Hanami is the Japanese traditional habit and we feel the coming of spring. Sakura fall just 2 weeks, so it’s the symbol of the coming of spring. Every February to April, the cherry-blossom line is announced by the Metrological Agency and we go to Hanami. In Japan, we can see Sakura everywhere, so many people do ohanami everywhere, too. Of course, foreign people can join this, so why don’t you join and do Ohanami with alcohol and delicious food under the beautiful cherry blossom in Japan?? Click below for detail information.

Hanami Cherry Blossom
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