Helpful tips for avoiding jet lag on your Japan vacation


Helpful tips for avoiding jet lag on your Japan vacation

Helpful tips for avoiding jet lag on your Japan vacation

When you travel overseas, don't let jet lag prevent you from having a good time and making the most of your trip. Follow these helpful tips for avoiding it:

Book an overnight flight – "You'll have dinner at a normal time and be much more likely to sleep than on an afternoon flight," states Fodor's, a trusted travel resource. "Depending on the length of the flight and the number of time zones you cross, you'll arrive at your destination in the morning or afternoon. This is the best way to replicate your normal schedule, and it'll be easier for you to reset your clock."

Prepare your internal clock – Adjusting your daily routine once you arrive in a foreign country can be challenging, so start getting used to it a few days before you depart if you can. Begin changing the times that you eat meals, go to sleep and wake up. That way the difference in time zones won't be such a shock to your system.

Stay awake until bedtime when you arrive – You may be tempted to take a nap as soon as you get to your hotel, but this will just make the adjustment period that much more difficult. Instead, try your best to stay up until it's a reasonable time to go to sleep.

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