How to take a Japanese bath?


Japanese Style Baths

Most tourists don't have a chance to take a Japanese bath because all hotels equipped Western style bathroom. If you do the home stay maybe better idea to learn little bit of how to take a Japanese bathtub. I believe most of you take a shower not soaking bathtub so often. Traditionally Japanese are soaking bathtub every day before we adapted shower from Western culture. Besides cleaning your body Japanese love relaxing in a hot bath. Our ancestors knew relaxing in a bathtub reduces stress and is good for your health. Also hot springs are everywhere in the country they probably wanted to have man made hot springs at home. That's why Japanese bathtub is very deep. Bathtub and washing space are separated. When you enter into bathroom you need to clean your body first then soak into the bathtub. Because family members use bathtub later by turn. Then relax in a hot tub. Picture by

Japanese Style Baths
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