Proverb of the Day: i-tai-doo-shin


Different Bodies, Same Spirit

Different Bodies, Same Spirit

For all of you with best friends that are like your brother or sister, hopefully you can find a way to squeeze the idiom i-tai-doo-shin (that "doo" is a long "oh" sound) into your everyday vocab. i-tai-doo-shin translates as different bodies, same spirit, a very spiritual way of saying different people with the same ideals or values or mentality. It's pretty fluid but the general point is that you have someone who you feel is very much like you.

Other Ways to Translate?

Apart from the meaning above, a few other ways to look at this proverb would include:

  • birds of a feather flock together
  • two peas in a pod
  • brother from another mother
  • mind-brain clone (okay maybe I just say that one)
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