Japan travel guide: Hokusai Museum


Japan travel guide: Hokusai Museum

Japan travel guide: Hokusai Museum

Art aficionados who are planning to tour Japan won't want to miss the Hokusai Museum if they have an opportunity to travel through the Nagano Prefecture. Located in the quiet town of Obuse, the Hokusai Museum — which opened in 1976 — houses the paintings of Katsushika Hokusai, one of the most famous artists from the Edo Period. In fact, according to the Japan National Travel Association, Hokusai's paintings are said to have influenced Vincent van Gogh and other Western Impressionists.

At the museum, you can find Hokusai's world famous "Great Wave off Kanagawa," as well as a series of his woodblock prints, also known as "ukiyo-e."

"Hokusai spent several years toward the end of his life in Obuse as the guest of Takai Kozan, a wealthy merchant who was Hokusai's patron and student," states japan-guide.com. "A collection of Hokusai's artwork is displayed at the Hokusai Museum at the center of town, including two local festival floats whose ceilings Hokusai decorated with a dragon, a phoenix and his signature waves. The museum has some English descriptions as well as a short English video about the artist."

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