Japan travel guide: Nishijin Textile Center


Japan travel guide: Nishijin Textile Center

Japan travel guide: Nishijin Textile Center

Fashion enthusiasts who have a Japan vacation coming up will certainly want to spend some time in the Nishijin Textile Center, which is located in Kyoto. This modern-style building is home to exciting exhibits and demonstrations revolving around the traditional Nishijin textile industry.

"The Nishijin style of weaving uses yarn dyeing, in which yarns of various colors are woven to make patterns. This technique is both time-consuming and labor intensive compared to other techniques, but it is indispensable for creating the elaborate and gorgeous designs required for kimono fabric," states the Nishijin website. "The modern Nishijin industry continues to provide beautiful hand-woven fabrics, while bringing the pleasure of Nishijin textiles to many more people than ever before."

When you visit the Nishijin Textile Center, you'll be given the opportunity to view weaving demonstrations, admire gorgeous garments and even try some of them on to experience how they look and feel. Additionally, you may be able to catch a kimono show, which takes place several times throughout the day.

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