Japan travel guide: Tokyo Skytree


Japan travel guide: Tokyo Skytree

Japan travel guide: Tokyo Skytree

When you tour Tokyo, you'll probably notice that one building seems to tower far above all the rest. That's known as the Tokyo Skytree, and it's the tallest structure in all of Japan, standing at 634 meters.

The Tokyo Skytree is a television broadcasting tower that also serves as an observation deck, souvenir shop, restaurant, aquarium, shopping complex and cafe. It's located in Sumida, which is in the northeastern part of Tokyo, and is a must-see attraction to check out during your Japan vacation.

"It is worth a visit, not only for the views — on a clear day you can see forever — but for the very interesting architecture of this free-standing tower," wrote TripAdvisor user HelencTorontO in a five-star review. "Trains run right to the tower but do walk around the outside to get a great feel for the structure. We found the walk back to Sensoji Temple doable and one can stop for a meal or a beer at the Asahi headquarters… another worthy stop."

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