Japan travel guide: Edo Tokyo Museum


Japan travel guide: Edo Tokyo Museum

Japan travel guide: Edo Tokyo Museum

A great way to learn about the history and culture of Tokyo when you visit Japan is to spend a few hours at the Edo Tokyo Museum.

"If you are a museum person and typically put such visits at the top of your agenda when you travel, this place should be your first stop in Tokyo," wrote TripAdvisor user Debbie K, who gave the museum a five-star rating. "I put this facility in the top 10 museums I have ever visited. This is partly because I tend to be a history buff but also because this place is so well done."

Here's what you can expect to see and learn about at the Edo Tokyo Museum:

  • A replica of the Nihonbashi Bridge
  • A variety of hands-on and life-size exhibits
  • How America and Europe influenced the Meiji Era
  • The conversion from the Edo Era to the Tokyo Era
  • The effects of World War 2
  • The politics of the Edo Era
  • The transition from the Edo Era to the Tokyo Era

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