Things in Japan that won't make sense in the States


Japan v America

Japan v America

Sometimes we all get a little "culture shock" when visiting a new country. Although Japan is a highly modernized country, there are still some customs that may not make sense to a foreigner. Lets take a look at some of those customs that you may not be used to being from the States.

The List

  • Melons are very expensive (like 300$ per level of expensive)
  • A fresh Melon is a very expensive delicacy in Japan
  • You have special shoes for the bathroom (in someone’s house)
  • And also slippers for the rest of the house as well
  • Slurping your food is a good thing in Japan
  • Unlike the West, slurping your food shows that you find it delicious
  • KFC is literally how you celebrate Christmas (with Christmas cake too)
  • You would have to pre-order your chicken dinner up to one to two months in advanced.
  • Japanese Schools don’t have janitors
  • It's the responsibility of the students to keep the schools clean.
  • It’s okay to fall asleep at work (for like 5-10 minutes, not hours)
  • Girls in “ganguro” which is a style of putting heavy, skin darkening face paint on.
  • Love Hotels are a thing
  • Cosplayers
  • Accidentally pay extra for your train ticket and be stopped at the destination station by the attendant with a refund

The List (continued)

  • Incredible customer service is a standard
  • Bathe naked with strangers
  • Buy beer/cigarettes from a vending machine
  • Eat Japanese inspired pizza, pastas, and other things that you wouldn’t find in any other country
  • "Mayonnaise-Corn Pizza"
  • Curry Flavored Soft Drinks
  • Get free tissue packets on the streets
  • Reliable, to the second, public transit
  • Washlets
  • Maid cafés, owl cafés, cat cafés, really any kind of café with a theme
  • Drinking on public streets/trains
  • 6-7 different types of recycling bins lined up

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