Kizuna Ai & Cup Noodles!


An Unexpected Collaboration

An Unexpected Collaboration

It's either an April Fool's day joke or Cup Noodles is really looking to collaborate with Youtube Japan's artificial intelligence sensation: Kizuna-Ai. Not much is known at the moment about this collaboration besides the photo teased on Nissin Japan's twitter page featuring three colorfully dressed Kizuna-ai with a matching colored instant noodle cup in hand.

From quick glance, it looks like there's a blue-labeled Smoky & Spicy Sio flavor (salt), orange-labeled Miso, and yellow-labeled Cheese Curry flavor. However, the announcement was made via twitter without much information. All we know is there's a commercial set to drop on April 1st, but given how much Japan obsesses over April Fools, we may just be in for another gag commercial.

What are your thoughts on the potential Kizuna-Ai Cup Noodle Collaboration? Is this a must cop during your next Japan tour?
Original Info from: Cup Noodle Twitter Page

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