Come to Lawson for snacks, drinks, and a Cancer Screening!


Get your Snacks, Drinks, Magazines, and Cancer Screenings all at once!

Get your Snacks, Drinks, Magazines, and Cancer Screenings all at once!

Lawson convenience stores in the Kyoto Prefecture are making big moves for 2016. The major convenience store chain is collaborating with the Kyoto Prefecture government to provide cancer screenings at some of their 300 plus locations. Mobile medical centers will be available in the parking lots or inside the convenience stores to provide the screening services. While this program is viewed as an initial test-flight to see if the program is worth expanding, there seems to be a lot of optimism towards the program. If the services could expand to more rural areas, this gives people who previously had to go out of their way to clinics or make inconvenient appointments at community centers a better opportunity to take care of their health.

Would you use it?

Thinking about the effectiveness of this program, I find myself agreeing to the implementation and possible future applications this has. It's much easier to use a service if it is easily available, from getting your blood-pressure tested to having your feet mapped to provide you with the right insoles, the convenience factor makes all the difference. I just may do a screening next time in in Kyoto before checking out Kinkakuji.

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