Lexus Cafe in Tokyo, Aoyama


Lexus Cafe

One such option is the Intersect by Lexus in Aoyama's 4th district, a short walk from Tokyo Metro's Omotesando Station. It’s created by interior designer Masamichi Katayama. The two-floor café/restaurant/exhibition spaces, is a superb study in style and functionality avoiding the usual pitfall of feeling detached and cold. The café is a perfect fit to the mix of cosmopolitan and local that makes up Aoyama's landscape. The staircase with the panels exhibiting Lexus actual parts transformed in a flowing sculpture opens to the second floor lounge, the heart of the Intersect by Lexus: it's there that the visitor can sit and enjoy reading with food. There’re objects in the "Crafted for Lexus" series which was created by Japanese designers. In one of the world's top auto-making countries the idea of car cafés seems inevitable. It's no surprise then that lately makers, and especially those of top-quality brands have started experimenting with it, offering Tokyo cites and visitors, car lovers or just people looking for an alternative for their everyday respite, new and exciting options. (Quoting from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Letter)

Lexus Cafe
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