Money-saving travel tips for baby boomers


Money-saving travel tips for baby boomers

Money-saving travel tips for baby boomers

While some recently retired adults like to sit back and relax during their golden years, others prefer to go on exciting adventures. In this post, we'll share some money-saving travel tips for baby boomers who hope to spend some time in different parts of the world:

Be flexible – Baby boomers often have the opportunity to schedule vacations during times of the year that are known for being slow for the travel industry. They can also book vacations at the last minute, enabling them to take advantage of special deals.

Look for bargains and discounts – "You probably know some ways to watch for [discounts] on airfare and hotels," states Next Avenue, a website for baby boomers. "Make sure you're also on every possible list for printable coupons and discount codes by signing up for alerts from all your preferred airlines, hotels and rental car agencies and following them on Facebook and Twitter."

Work with a travel agent - These professionals may be aware of opportunities that you don't know about, and can help make the process of planning a vacation much easier and less stressful in the long run.

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