My Hero Academia X Kanda Matsuri


Class 1-A Joins in one of Japan's Biggest Matsuri/Festival

Class 1-A Joins in one of Japan's Biggest Matsuri/Festival

To celebrate 2019's upcoming Kanda Myoujin Festival at the Kanda Shrine in Tokyo, the heroes-to-be from class 1-A are joining in the fun. Often known as the otaku shrine, the partnership between super-star anime My Hero Academia and Tokyo's Kanda Shrine is a match made in heaven.

From the month of April, special My Hero Academia posters will be on display in various districts, including Kanda, Nihonbashi, Ote, Marunouchi, Akihabara, and more. The Kanda Festival is considered one of Japan's three greatest festivals, known as a celebration for the wealth and good fortune of the people. The festival celebrates Daikokuten, Ebisu, and Taira Masakado during a multi-day event with processions and Mikoshi parades. The boys of class 1-A can be seen decked out in Happi coats while carrying a Mikoshi of their own on the collaborative posters.

In addition to posters, the collaboration event will feature special character goods on-sale at Kanda Shrine between May 4th through 6th. Myoujin Cafe in Bunkyo-ku will feature a special collaboration menu, with special My Hero Academia themed drinks and food from April 24th until May 27th.

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Original Source & Photos: My Hero Academia Official Website

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