Necessary Summer Items: Uchiwa and Furin


Uchiwa and Furin to Beat the Summet Heat

Uchiwa and Furin to Beat the Summet Heat

Necessary Summer Items Uchiwa and Furin Summer in Japan is hot and humid. Something you need to avoid being getting exhausted from the heat. Uchiwa is a traditional Japanese fan. Don't underestimate how Uchiwa works to keep yourself cool. Japanese people rarely buy Uchiwa by themselves. It's a very popular gifts. Many retailer shops and major companies give away their Uchiwa with printed advertisement. You might find one during your stay. Of course you can purchase your favorite ones as your souvenir. It's not expensive.

Furin is Japanese wind chimes. As you know it's usually hung outside of a residence. The soothing sound of wind chimes cools you down. They are made of a variety of materials other than metal or wood. Most popular materials of Japanese Furin are glass, bamboo and probably shell. Many shapes, colors and design entertain your eyes as well. Furin is a great souvenir too. A symbol of Japan's summer time.

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