Traditional New Years Food

Osechi are Japanese traditional New Year foods and have many kinds of foods in Jubako which are like Bento boxes. Many Japanese like Osechi and usually eat them January 1st. It is said that Osechi were introduced from China. Examples of Osechi; ・Ebi no umani; Sake steamed shrimp ・Kuromame; Simmered black soybean ・Datemaki; Sweet omlet ・Kurikinton; Mashed sweet potatoes and sweet chestnuts ・Tazukuri; Candied dried sardines ・Kazunoko; Salted herring roe These Osechi are some examples. Thing in the Jubako depends on family. Some people make Osechi by themselves, others buy them from shops. Do you want to try them?

Traditional New Years Food
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