Olympic Ticket Raffle System


Avoid the Chaos, Raffles for Fairness

Avoid the Chaos, Raffles for Fairness

With 2020 around the corner, arranging travel and holiday plans for the upcoming Summer Olympics seems to be on everybody's minds. While the Olympics previously offered ticket services on a first-come first-serve basis, Japan's 2020 Tokyo Olympics will employ a different ticket reservation system to provide all guests with a fair chance at getting tickets to the games.

Rather than a first-come first-serve system based on how quickly a person can log in and purchase tickets, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will employ a raffle system. Travelers can sign up for up to eight tickets per sporting event, with a maximum of 30 overall tickets per person. Guests can select dates, events, seating, and whether to watch the qualifiers, final, or medal rounds. Note, if selected as a winner, the tickets must be purchased. The tickets are also available for the Opening and Closing ceremonies. The only event not available is boxing.

The ticket reservation is open here until May 28th. Tickets are only available for residents of Japan, and foreign travelers will need to purchase through an Authorized Ticket Re-seller. Please note, the tickets are not refundable so please choose your events carefully before signing up.

Information and photos from the Tokyo 2020 Tickets Reservation Page

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