Now you get to be Pac-man as you get a ride around Asakusa!


Run from the Ghosts, Pac-man!

Pac-man has finally become a reality! Well, almost. Bandai Namco Entertainment has created a new limited time attraction in the shape of a Pac-man rickshaw. As a part of their "Asobimotto Project", which aims to bring everyday play to the world, the collaboration with the rickshaw pullers is sure to be a highly popular attraction. Officially named the "Pac-man Rickshaw Asakusa Night Cruise", the ride takes you through Asakusa, hitting some popular tourist spots such as Senso-ji Temple. Not only is the ride limited time, but to be able to ride the rickshaw, you have to be drawn from a lottery. If you're in the Asakusa area around Christmas during the late evening, you might be able to catch one running past you. Check out the promotional video below to see what's in store!

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