The Sushi Police


What is the Sushi Police?

What is the Sushi Police?

With the 2020 Olympics coming up, the world has fallen under a massive sushi craze. However, many sushi restaurants are serving "inauthentic" sushi around the world. With the authentic flavor of sushi at stake, Japan has set up the Sushi Police to prevent the spread of inauthentic sushi worldwide. Join Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki on their misadventures punishing fake sushi sellers. These gentlemen will stop at nothing to stop "bad" sushi, quickly becoming disdained by restaurants around the world.


Each episode is only two minutes, and features trivia at the end teaching viewers what is considered "authentic" sushi and what isn't. I personally loved the idea of this show, stemming back to when I once told my parents that my girlfriend (at the time) loved sushi, prompting them to prepare a magnificent sushi feast for us when we were visiting. Unfortunately, it was followed by the statement "Oh, I don't eat raw fish". We didn't last very long. Although the show's characters are crude, the premise is rather interesting and worth watching. Personally, some of my favorite "sushi" dishes are what my parents consider "not real sushi" but I agree that people should know the distinctions between traditional sushi and westernized sushi.

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