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Earth Day Celebrations!

Earth Day Celebrations!

Happy Earth Day everybody! I find it a bit funny that some of you reading this probably were on your flights to Japan during Earth Day, but I'm sure everyone found a fun way to celebrate the day. Usually, I'm writing about my adventures in Japan or about the latest products or snacks I went crazy over during a Japan Tour. Instead, I wanted to do another Anime Review about a great series to watch for Earth Day!

Silver Spoon or Gin no Saij is a coming of age tale set on the life of Yuugo Hachiken at the fictional Ooezo Agricultural High School in Hokkaido. This slice-of-life anime skips out on giant robots, supernatural enemies, Stand-abilities, Devil Fruits, and the rest of Anime's super-powered stories to focus on the Hachiken's life adjusting to Agricultural life.

After young Hachiken failed the entrance exam at his intended high school, he signs up for Ezono Agricultural High School to avoid his strained home life. However, Hachiken is quick to discover no matter where you go, you can't escape your problems. The Anime does a great job of balancing Hachiken's personal development and growth with his classmates while also teaching the viewers about the complicated realities and rewards associated with raising animals and livestock.

Instead of going into an in-depth review, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite parts of Silver Spoon. As we watch Hachiken develop and learn more about farming and agriculture, he gains a new-found understanding to the processes involved raising and preparing livestock. Hachkien is unsettled at where his food comes from early on in the series, but eventually comes to terms with the realities of farming. He comes to respect the animals' sacrifices and works hard to respect the land he works on. As a reminder of Earth Day, it is important we each do our part to protect the planet and care for the ecosystem to ensure a long, bright future.

Need a light anime to watch for Earth Day? I highly recommend the antics of Hachiken and the rest of the class at Ezono High with Silver Spoon!
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