Taro's Japan Tour Adventures: Detective Pikachu is out Already?!


Detective Pikachu is Already on YouTube?!

Detective Pikachu is Already on YouTube?!

It's hard to believe after years of playing Pokemon on my various Nintendo products (and iPhone), watching the anime, and eating Eevee donuts, Pokemon is getting a live action film staring the most famous yellow mouse: Pikachu! With Detective Pikachu premiering May 10th, I was shocked, SHOCKED, to find the movie is now leaked on YouTube!!

Uploaded by user Inspector Pikachu, this appears to be the hour and forty minute movie set to drop. Or is it? Don't say I didn't warn you about spoilers!

Need more Pokemon action in your life watching Detective Pikachu? Our Anime Japan tours have a new updated schedule, including a visit to Tokyo Skytree's Pokemon Mega Center! Pick up special edition Pokemon goods and merchandise you can't find anywhere else. Also, the popular mobile game Pokemon Go will be launching their Detective Pikachu event soon. This features special character skins and an appearance by none other than Detective Pikachu himself!

Image from Detective Pikachu Official Website

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