The history of ninja


The history of the ninja

The history of the ninja

When Americans hear the term "ninja," they often think of pop culture sensations like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. The truth is though, that ninja are a special part of Japanese culture that have their own unique history.

Ninja trace back to Feudal Japan, and are often contrasted with samurai. While samurai were known for being honorable soldiers, ninja are remembered for their unorthodox warfare tactics which included sabotage, infiltration, espionage and assassination.

"Despite [the] many folktales surrounding ninja, legitimate historical accounts are scarce," states Tofugu, a resource on Japanese culture. "This is not really a surprise as they are in fact ninja, masters of stealth and secrecy. Many ninja were recruited from the lower class, or rejected samurai, and most of the historical focus was on the upper class and noble samurai during the time."

In America, most references to ninja are based more on the folklore than the actual history, as the former has remained more popular over the years.

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