3 essential smartphone apps for your Japan vacation


3 essential smartphone apps for your Japan vacation

3 essential smartphone apps for your Japan vacation

Traveling to another country is an exciting experience, but simple things like taking public transportation or ordering items off of a menu can become challenging when there's a significant language barrier to deal with. That being said, Americans planning to take a Japan vacation may want to start thinking about what they can do to make their trip go a bit smoother.

Fortunately, thanks to the rising prevalence of smartphones over the past few years, there are a number of helpful apps you can download right to your device as you prepare for your trip to this gorgeous and exciting Eastern country. In this post, we'll take a look at a few of them:

imiwa? (Japanese dictionary) – This free, highly rated app contains a comprehensive list of Japanese words and their English translations. It even comes with a built-in Japanese touch keyboard, making it that much easier and more efficient to use.

TeePee Guide – Japan Dining & Travel – As its name suggestions, TeePee Guide enables users to find more than 40,000 restaurants, shops, and other establishments under categories that include "Eat," "Stay," "Shop" and "Play."

Tokyo Travel Guide (with Offline Maps) – mTrip – This critically acclaimed app is worth the $4.99 that it costs to buy it, as it's widely regarded as the must-have smartphone software for a Japan vacation. Its most impressive feature is that it offers access to a plethora of information without requiring an internet connection.

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