Tips for eating healthy when you’re on vacation


Tips for eating healthy when you’re on vacation

Tips for eating healthy when you’re on vacation

One of the best parts of traveling to another country is getting the opportunity to enjoy foods that you can't eat at home. However, this can present a challenge for individuals who are concerned about eating healthy. Consider the following tips to ensure that you don't indulge too much while you're away:

Drink lots of water – Not only will this hydrate you and help you avoid getting sick on your vacation, but it will keep your energy level high and prevent you from snacking.

Eat your veggies – The beauty of traveling abroad is that you don't have to order the most decadent meals to get a true feel for the cuisine. The vegetables that people eat in different countries — or at least the way that they are prepared — will likely be a new experience for your taste buds.

Share dessert – "This really depends where you are traveling," states MindBodyGreen, an online resource for healthy living. "For example, if you are traveling around the United States, not only can you share dessert with your significant other or best friend, but you can often invite the family of five next to you to join in as well. In foreign countries the portions seem to be much smaller, but sharing still lets you treat yourself while on vacation without overdoing it."

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