Tokyo chef cooks with unusual ingredient


Tokyo chef cooks with unusual ingredient

Tokyo chef cooks with unusual ingredient

Most travelers expect to taste food they've never had before when they visit another country, but one restaurant in Tokyo is serving up dishes that might make even the most adventurous eaters cringe. According to CNN, Ne Quittez Pas — a small dining establishment in the Gotanda neighborhood — offers expensive gourmet meals that feature dirt as a main ingredient.

Toshio Tanabe, the chef responsible for these creations, told the news outlet that he wanted to add "flavors of the earth" to his predominantly seafood dishes, so he sought out high-quality soil that would bring a unique twist to his food.

"Germaphobes can take some comfort, perhaps," states the source. "Tanabe tells us the soil is first lab tested, and then heated to extreme temperatures, to kill off any bacteria. After that process is complete Tanabe will work it into his menu."

Fox News reports that dishes at Ne Quittez Pas include potato starch and dirt soup, salad with dirt dressing, dirt risotto and — because who can resist dessert? — dirt ice cream with dirt mint tea.

While you may not be ready to put your trust in Tanabe and dine at Ne Quittez Pas, you can rest assured knowing that there are plenty of other delicious restaurants to try when you tour Tokyo. At Japan Deluxe Tour, many of our fully escorted tour packages include stops in Tokyo, so you can experience all that this wonderful, eclectic city has to offer in terms of food, culture, history and more. Check out our website to find out about our Japanese Cherry Blossom tour, our Grand Tour of Japan and many other exciting options you can choose from!

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