Travel Japan: Visiting Tokyo Sky Tree!


Fusion of Old and New, Tokyo Sky Tree

Fusion of Old and New, Tokyo Sky Tree

When you travel to Japan next time, why not visit Tokyo SkyTree? It was constructed as a world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in 2011. SkyTree takes a role that transmit digital terrestrial broadcasting, and it needed to be reached more than 600 meters due to many tall buildings in central Tokyo. SkyTree is designed in color called SKYTREE White. This color represents the concept: The creation of city scenery transcending time: A fusion of traditional Japanese beauty and neo-futuristic design. SKYTREE white is created based on aijiro, the Japanese traditional indigo blue. The color also shows the legacy of Japanese traditional craftmanship as conserved in the the downtown area housing the tower, Sumida area, used to be a downtown for common people and artisans in Edo period.

Tower's height is 634 meters, the sound of number 634 when read in old Japanese number is "mu-sa-shi", which reminds Japanese of Musashi province of past area SkyTree is standing. From the observation deck, at 350 floor, you can see the land of Musashi. On sunny days, you might see the beautiful Mt. Fuji clearly from there. Besides looking landscapes from the observation deck, you can enjoy shopping at SkyTree. There are also aquarium called Sumida-Suizokukan, you can see sea animals like Penguins very closely. As a another way of enjoying Skytree, you might see beautiful lightening on the tower from far distance. The colors and designs are changed almost everyday.

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