Travel Japan Tips: Medicines


Only what's necessary

Only what's necessary

Before we get into this blog post, I'd like a share a quick backstory about when I was a kid in Japan. Visiting with my older brother and sister, we were with family friends enjoying a lovely dinner and everyone had a great time. Then cue the next few days when food-poisoning ruined my (along with my brother and sister's) fun time in Japan.
Why bring up this story? Because one of my biggest take away's from that was to always be prepared when I travel. With that said, one often overlooked item (or items) are some essential travel medicine. What is essential travel medicine you ask? In short, it's very generic medicine that's useful to have on you when traveling that could work well in emergencies. My list includes a few everyday pills you will probably find your medicine cabinet. The list includes:

  • Ibuprofen or Aspirin. This is a great way to get rid of a headache/lower a fever when you feel it coming on.
  • Stomach medicine. Trust me, just bring the one that works best for you.
  • Non-Drowsy allergy medicine. You're in a new environment. How much would it suck to get hit with allergies on vacation?
  • Band-aids. For all boo-boos
  • Sleep-aids like Melatonin on ZMA to help facilitate sleep and avoid fatigue the next day

That's just a bit of the list, because really it matters what you think is best for your body. Try not to overdo it, but a few of those recommendations are sure to go a long way when you feel unwell on the flight to Japan.

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