Japan Travel Tips: The Essentials


Never leave home without

Never leave home without

Everybody has their own way of getting ready for a trip. Likewise, when packing for any vacation, I have a checklist of Essentials that I can't travel without. Hopefully to help you with your next trip, I listed out my Top 15 Travel Essentials!

The List

  1. Cell Phone I use a plus-sized, unlocked phone.
  2. Book A good read goes a long way.
  3. Wallet Only have some cash, one credit card, ID, and leave what you don't need at home.
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Charger Cables/Plug I prefer using Braided cables for extra durability.
  6. Light Jacket Something easy to fold that won't take much space in my back pack for those chilly moments.
  7. Medicine Pack A few pain relievers, band-aids, stomach medicine, etc.
  8. Water bottle I use an insulated bottle for extra measures.
  9. Tablet While I like using just my plus-sized phone, a table helps for shorter trips where some work is involved.
  10. Eye-mask for sleeping
  11. Umbrella if you can fit it in your bag, why not? Especially if the weather can be temperamental.
  12. Hand Sanitizer travel size of course.
  13. Hand Towel
  14. Pens/Notepad
  15. External Battery

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