Food for Thought: Different Types of Green Tea


The Wide Selection of Green Tea For Your Consumption

The Wide Selection of Green Tea For Your Consumption

If there is one thing that is quintessentially Japanese, that is green tea. Having working in a matcha cafe before, there are in fact many different types of green tea. The variation stems from how the tea leaves are grown and the drying process. Here are some of the types of green tea:

  • Sen-cha
  • Hoji-cha
  • Genmai-cha
  • Gyokuro
  • Kabuse-cha

Sen-cha is what you will normally be served when you go to most Japanese restaurants. But there are also different types of Sen-cha as well depending on how the tea leaves are treated after the drying process. So there is a whole other side of tea that many people are unaware of and with the green tea/matcha craze running rampant in states like California, it is never a bad idea to keep yourself informed. Having the knowledge will certainly enhance your experience with green tea and is sure to bring a new found appreciation for the Japanese tea.

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